The Friends of Higgs Beach is a 501c3 non-profit corporation, allowing it to solicit and secure private, corporate, government, and foundation funding for the improvement and enhancement of the Higgs Beach Memorial Park.  In addition, the organization will be able to assist in or present civic events and special community uses such as concerts, sporting tournaments, etc.

The 501c3 tax-exempt status also allows us to serve as a fiscal agent for community groups wanting to organize and produce events or fund park capital improvements, such as the continued improvement to the Children's Playground, the Pickleball Courts or the additional Beach Volleyball Court and resurfaced tennis courts.

The Friends of Higgs Beach have been working with the Monroe County Public Works department, under the direction of Director Dent Pierce.  Projects completed have included patching of the seawall, installation of a security call box, the design and installation of a crosswalk and installation of a recycle center, all funded by the county's Tourist Development Council (District 1).  The restrooms have also recently been renovated to include additional windows for enhanced lighting and ventilation, new fixtures, painting and flooring, a new cleaning system and repaired roof.  The tennis courts have been resurfaced and we now have courts for the growing sport of Pickleball.  

If interested in supporting Friends of Higgs Beach and for more information on our efforts to improve the beach park, please contact  or Monroe County Commissioner Carruthers' office at 305-292-3430.


The Mission of the Friends of Higgs Beach is to revitalize and maintain Clarence Higgs Beach Park to ensure that it is a safe, welcoming recreational environment for all.

Achieved through 4 actions:

1. Creating a master plan and directing its implementation in conjunction with Monroe County and the City of Key West

2. Spearheading all funding efforts for the revitalization of the beach and park

3. Creating a revenue stream in partnership with local governments to financially support long-term upkeep, improvement, and accessibility of the park, including adjacent neighborhoods and near-shore waters

4. Ensuring that all park related projects and uses are consonant with the character of Key West and the surrounding neighborhood.